Alicia Romano

Every journey starts somewhere

Hometown:  Wallingford, CT

Current Residence:  Boston North End!

Day Job:  Registered Dietitian at Tufts Medical Center & Private Nutrition Consultant

Fitness Teaching Experience:  Lifelong athlete and dancer, recreational runner, spinning and indoor cycling connoisseur for the past 15+ years

Fitness Training & Certifications:  NASM 

Education:  Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition

Pre-workout Food:  Spoon full of Teddy's Natural SUPER CHUNKY peanut butter or a banana (especially for my early AM classes)

Post-workout Food:  Depends! Morning: HUGE cup of coffee and a hearty yogurt parfait with plain Siggi's, granola, berries, banana and some toasted nuts;  Evening: usually a big salad with greens, roasted sweet potato, grilled vegetables, avocado, tofu or fish and a homemade dressing

Pre-spin Pump-up song:  This changes on a weekly basis.

Dream Vacation Destination:  Somewhere in Europe- I've only been to Paris, but Italy, Greece, Spain, Southern France are all on my bucket list- hopefully visiting the coastline.  Otherwise, I'm up to travel anywhere I can be active, be close to water, eat awesome food and have a constant supply of delicious wine

Fitness Related Beauty Tip:   Dry shampoo, good deodorant and of course, WATER:  Drink it up because you will sweat it out and you need that hydration to glow baby glow!  . 

What is your choreography style? 

I like to think of my style as a dancing bootcamp on the bike- I plan my rides based on the beats while aiming to achieve a full body workout with every ride. I try to keep the choreography challenging yet achievable for all levels so everyone feels they can push themselves at their own pace!

What is your playlist style/ favorite artists/ do you like remixes/ etc. ? 

Every playlist is my party playlist- songs and beats that make you want to move. I aim for more remixes of current songs and mashups of oldies to keep it fresh with the occasional punk or old school rap jam thrown in there.   I keep a lot of variety in tempos to keep riders challenged with quick runs & heavy hills. You'll notice I'm pretty obsessive with my playlists- aka I hate playing the same songs over and over, and I rarely repeat a playlist unless it is complete FIRE. 

What is your ‘style’ to inspire riders to work hard? 

 I am a HIGH energy instructor- I like to engage every single rider during class on and off the bike; whether its pushing through hills and sprints with you or dancing and flipping towels off the bike to pump-you-up.  The ride is ALL about you, I'm just there to motivate.

Why did you begin indoor cycling?  

It was in my blood- literally.  My mom was a spinning instructor when I was a teen- hence my 15+ years on the bike. I grew up a  dancer and multi-sport athlete with a love for bringing people together and a secret dream of becoming a DJ.  After jumping on the indoor cycling wagon upon moving to Boston, I knew I had to be a bigger part of it-  and here I am!

What was your inspiration to teach indoor cycling?  

Definitely my mama, Felicia and sister Gina- both teach spinning back home in Connecticut.

What are your favorite sports/ exercises/ fitness related hobbies outside of cycling? 

Yoga, running, dancing, weight lifting, and taking long walks with my dog chili <3 

What are your other hobbies/interests (non-fitness)? 

Cooking, wine, travel, fashion and my dog, Chili <3