Aly Galvin



Hometown:  Portland, OR

Education: Boston University

Pre-spin Pump-up song: Partition by Beyoncé

Favorite Move on the Bike: I love a good body roll

Instagram: @alygalvin


What was your inspiration to teach indoor cycling? There’s honestly nothing more motivating as a rider than an instructor who gives it their all up there. After I’d been taking classes for a few months and started to get the hang of it, I couldn’t get the thought of “wow, I really want to do that” out of my head. There were so many things—a demanding day job, a busy schedule, my love for sleep—that almost kept me from going for it, and I’m so glad that they didn’t. My goal is to be that inspiration for someone else. 

What do you like to do when you’re not at ride North End?  When I’m not at the studio, I’m probably at the office or with my dog Sheila because she is the light of my life. I love to travel and can even be convinced to go on a hike every now and then if I am bribed with food.