Ashley Minogue



Hometown: Commack, NY

Education: Boston College

Pre-spin Pump-up song: It changes weekly! Right now, Oh My Love by The Score

Favorite Move on the Bike: Seated sprint

Instagram: @ash.mino

Spotify: Ashley’s Favorites

What was your inspiration to teach indoor cycling?

I started doing indoor cycling in college to stay active. Growing up I had always done dance and wanted something to keep me moving! I fell in love with how great of a sweat indoor cycling was and ended up going to class multiple times a week. After graduating, I continued to take classes and found myself being inspired by so many instructors in Boston. When I changed to a job where I was traveling less, I got the courage to become a certified instructor myself!

What do you like to do when you’re not at ride North End? Anything that brings me outdoors! That includes hiking, biking, walking around a new city or just reading while laying on the Greenway. I also have a love/hate relationship with distance running. I’ve had the opportunity to run both the Boston and NYC marathon and lots of half marathons!