Ashley "Smash" Minogue

It’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be worth it.


Hometown:  Long Island, NY

Current Residence:  Brookline

Day Job:  Market Strategist at OpenView

Fitness Teaching Experience:  I've been teaching 2.5+ years. In addition to ride, I've taught at beacon hill athletics club and the Harvard club. 

Fitness Training & Certifications:  Spinning 

Education:  Finance, Math @ Boston College

Pre-workout Food:  Bananas, bananas, bananas

Post-workout Food:  For morning rides, my go to is eggs or a smoothie and of course an iced coffee. 

Pre-spin Pump-up song:  It changes weekly! Right now, Oh My Love by The Score

Dream Vacation Destination:  Headed to Peru in June!

Fitness Related Beauty Tip:   No time to blow dry? I use Bumble & Bumble's surf spray to get natural, wavy look! 

What is your choreography style? 

Dynamic, energetic & always changing

What is your playlist style/ favorite artists/ do you like remixes/ etc. ? 

I am ALL about variety when it comes to the music. Every class will include pop, hip hop, dance, plus some fun mashups like GirlTalk or Milkman. 

What is your ‘style’ to inspire riders to work hard? 

My approach to each ride is to remind riders its THEIR workout. It is up to the rider to crank up the resistance, commit to the sprints and work hard. 

Why did you begin indoor cycling?  

I started doing indoor cycling in college as a way to stay active. I fell in love with how great of a sweat it was each time & ended up going to class multiple times a week.

What was your inspiration to teach indoor cycling?  

I found myself being inspired by so many instructors in Boston and I always wished I could teach too. When I changed to a job where I was traveling less, I got the courage to become an instructor myself!  

What are your favorite sports/ exercises/ fitness related hobbies outside of cycling? 

I have a love/hate relationship with running. I sign up for distance races to stay motivated - especially throughout the winter! I've done the Boston and NYC marathons and a bunch of half marathons. 

What are your other hobbies/interests (non-fitness)? 

Anything that brings me outdoors - that includes hiking to laying on the greenway. I always love exploring new spots in the city.