Emily Carlson

Positive Mind. Positive Vibes.

Hometown:  Holden, MA

Current Residence:  Boston’s North End

Day Job:  Creative Designer at Criteo

Fitness Training & Certifications:  200 Hour Teacher Training certified through Boston Yoga School

Education:  Keene State College: Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts & Graphic Design

Pre-workout Food:  Bananas

Post-workout Food:  Kale & fruit smoothie with protein! 

Pre-spin Pump-up song:  Hold Your Hand- JAHKOY

Dream Vacation Destination:  Costa Rica (To see the animals and hike volcanoes!!!)

Fitness Related Beauty Tip:  Dry Shampoo is my savior. I have super thick hair and washing it every day is impossible. I work out daily so I absolutely NEED to have dry shampoo so I can get ready in half the time.

Something Quirky:  I got my first tattoo on my wrist at a tattoo convention in front of a million people.

What is your choreography style? 

My choreography style is TOUGH. I like to make people get the most out of their workout. No one wants to take an “easy” spin class. They come to sweat, and I push them. My choreography while simple is tough in the sense that the beats are fast, we repeat rounds, and the breaks are short. I push my riders to give me everything they have, and leave it all on the bike. 

What is your playlist style/ favorite artists/ do you like remixes/ etc. ? 

My Playlist Style is definitely a cross between indie, pop, dance music, and hip hop. I LOVE remixes. In college my nickname was DJ Carlson and I’ve still got it. Finding new music and new mixes is my jam. I’m really into DJs lately so it’s tough to say who my favorite artist is. Favorite artists/DJ’s would be The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Halsey, Phoebe Ryan, Tove Lo, Chris Brown, and Drake. I love anything that can get me pumped up to work out. Making playlists and playing DJ is half the fun of spin. I love that part of it!

What is your ‘style’ to inspire riders to work hard? 

My style to inspire others to work hard is to do the majority of the workout with them. I like to get just as sweaty as everyone in the class. I really embrace the saying “suffer in silence”. When my legs are burning, I push harder, and I urge the class to push harder with me.

Why did you begin indoor cycling?  

I began indoor cycling because I want to be around positive, happy people, having fun.  I suffer from addiction and as a sober individual I sought out spin to be a great way to “party” without the party. I love it. I love the energy, the music, and the motivation to work hard. People who spin are tough, and they are in the class to better not only their bodies but their minds. Spin is as much mental as it is physical.

What was your inspiration to teach indoor cycling?  

My inspiration to teach indoor cycling was my newfound confidence. Being sober has changed my life and it took me a really long time to gain back my confidence and find out who I really was. I love the way I feel when I’m working out, and I want to share that energy.

What are your favorite sports/ exercises/ fitness related hobbies outside of cycling? 

I LOVE YOGA. It’s a huge part of my life in addition to spin. It’s great for my mental health as well as my physical health. It’s a total “me time” workout. It keeps me feeling grounded and grateful. I also enjoy lifting, pilates, and BIG fan of hiking in the white mountains, and with my rescue dog.

What are your other hobbies/interests (non-fitness)? 

I love animals, more than the average animal lover. I don’t think I’ve ever walked by a dog on a leash and not stopped it and said hello. I love all animals (especially monkeys) including my Bengal cat Penelope and my lab shepherd mix, Apple. I’m a big fashion guru, love to cook, and coffee fanatic. I love going on day trips and finding new coffee shops I haven’t tried before. Nitro cold brews, yes please.