Lisa Cardone

Empowered women Empower women

Current Residence:  Medford, MA

Education:  BA in Psychology, Currently pursuing a BSN in Nursing

Post-workout Food:  Fries before guys. 

Vacation Destination: My bath tub

Fitness Related Beauty Tip:  I wear coconut oil in my hair when I work out- covers the smell of sweat and moisturizes at the same time.

What is your playlist style/ favorite artists/ do you like remixes/ etc. ? 

Bold Beats and Throwback Hip Hop is my jam. 

What is your ‘style’ to inspire riders to work hard? 

I love to let everyone know that the getting in the saddle is the hard part, that once you're in the saddle everything else is extra and icing in the cake. It is about getting messy, getting sweaty, and meeting your body where it is at in that moment. 

Why did you begin indoor cycling?  

Cross training for College rugby

What are your favorite sports/ exercises/ fitness related hobbies outside of cycling?