Melina Olivia DiPaola

don’t hesitate...risk everything

Hometown:  Boston, MA (born in San Francisco)

Current Residence:  North End

Day Job:  Alpha-girl at Ride, Entrepreneur

Fitness Training & Certifications:  Spinning, Large Fitness Megaformer, Kettlebell Concepts, IndoRow, Onnit Training Cert

Education:  Newman Prep (high school, back bay), Emerson College BFA in WLP, minor in marketing/PR

Pre-workout Food:  Depends on the workout (heavy lifting/boxing/or just cardio) but usually nothing because i prefer to feel light when i workout and don't want my energy to be focused on digesting. Always caffeine, maybe a pre workout shake with glutamine and BCAA's . If i do eat something, its small and energizing like peanut butter or protein powder. 

Post-workout Food:  gluten free oats, meat. (not together), wine, tequila

Pre-spin Pump-up song:  Ok I Believe You but my Tommy Gun Don't, You Won't Know, Violet-Hole, Honey Brown

Favorite Musical Artists:  Lana Del Rey, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Rob Bailey, Yelawolf, Something Corporate, Deftones

Favorite Movies: Fight Club, Raging Bull, Garden State, Great Gatsby, Silver Linings Playbook

Dream Vacation Destination:  I want to float in the 7 seas, bathe in sulphuric mud and rinse off in a waterfall, and go to Thailand and the French Riviera. All the while maintaining my fitness regime :-)

Fitness Related Beauty Tip:  keep your face clear. i'm obsessed with skin care products. if your skin looks good, you don't really have to wear makeup. always red lips. and beautiful tattoos are effortlessly maintained decoration. 

Something Quirky:  One of my earliest tattoos is a print of a vintage bicycle on my arm, years before i opened ride. And my name means "Little Apple" in Italian

What is your choreography style? 

balls to the wall and hardcore, but can be modified to any rider's level.  in the grand scheme of your day, your workout is such a small part and you gotta work hard! I like series of consecutive aggressive sprints, and pragmatic climbs and drills, with some fun choreography mixed in. I also like to include tabatas so that my riders get the most out of those 45 minutes each and every time they take my class. My class should be the only workout you need to do that day. 

What is your playlist style/ favorite artists/ do you like remixes/ etc. ? 

My Playlist Style is intense, eclectic, at times somewhat dark, and quite varied. 

I like to play songs that the rider doesn't expect, and that aren't traditionally played in cycling classes. I also love finding songs that have some inexplicable ability to pump you up. My favorite genre is punk/emo, so i mix that in along with hip-hop, rock, and some of the EDM stuff. Each playlist should have noticeable contrast within it, and leave you FEELING something. 

What are your favorite sports/ exercises/ fitness related hobbies outside of cycling? 

boxing, hands down. it makes you feel things you've never felt. I also looooove lifting weights, circuit training, etc. 

What are your other hobbies/ interests (non-fitness)? 

non-fitness... hmm. Most of it involves fitness, whether it be DOING fitness, reading about it, learning more, etc. Other things... Wine, chocolate, tequilas, poetry and tattoos. I love tattoos.  I also am really into podcasts- i learn tons listening to podcasts on all different topics- fitness info, business podcasts, etc.