take a look at the answers to commonly asked questions

What should I know for my first visit?
We can’t wait to ride with you!  Please arrive 15 minutes before class, especially if you will need help with setting up your bike.  Let the instructor know that it is your first visit! Cycling shoes are included with your class, and waters are sold at the smoothie bar.  

Do I have to book a bike?
We suggest that you book your bike in advance to ensure that you get a seat.  Bikes can be booked up to one week in advance.  Early mornings and after work time slots tend to fill the most quickly.  You are always welcome to drop in as well. 

Can I ride at my own pace? 
Of course!  At ride north end our rides are all levels and we encourage you to make each and every ride your own.  All of our instructors have their own style, so feel free to follow along with our variety of choreography, sprints, and hills, or just ride along to the music. It's up to you to make your workout as challenging as you want, we are here to guide you. 

Do I have to wear cycling shoes?  Which shoes are compatible with your bikes?
We do require that you take class in cycling shoes, which is why we include them with your class!  If you have never used clip-in shoes before, you will find that it creates a much greater connection with your bike, and provides a much more safe and intense workout experience.  Our bikes are compatible with both delta LOOK and SPD clips.  If you are interested in purchasing your own shoes, we highly recommend the delta LOOK clips. 

Do you have a shower?  Can I change there?
We have two showers- one on the ride side and one  adjacent to our smoothie bar- with shampoo, body wash, and fluffy towels. We also have an area where you can change and store your belongings. 

What is your cancellation policy?
If you are signed up for a class and must cancel, please do so 8 hours before the class time to avoid losing that class (if you're riding with a class pack) or being charged a $15 fee (for those with monthly memberships ). 

If i am registered through ClassPass, but need to cancel or change my reservation, what should i do?ClassPass is its own independent platform , and we cannot control any reservations made through the ClassPass service. If you have any questions or changes about a reservation made through ClassPass, please contact them directly at info@classpass.com. 

What is your wait list policy? 
If a class is full, fear not the wait list!  There are often last minute cancellations.  If you get into the class off of the wait list before the time of the class, you will be contacted by email or text. even if you are still ON the wait list, you can still show up and get into the class if there are no-shows.  This is treated on a first come first serve basis. 

What are "Community Rides?" The community rides on our schedule throughout the week  are $10 cash drop- ins on a first come, first serve basis. Arrive 15 minutes early to ensure a spot! 

Do you have any student discounts?
We do offer class packs at a discounted rate for students and teachers.  Please email us at info@ridenorthend.com for details.  We also have a monthly student membership.

Where should I park?
Street parking can be hard to come by in the north end, but there are visitor spots throughout the neighborhood.  Your best bet is to walk or take the T, but for parking we recommend the Parcel 7 garage by Haymarket Station, at 136 Blackstone Street. We validate for that garage, $3 for 3 hours.