so many bikes! explained.

If you've been in the studio the past month or so, you may have noticed we got 14 new bikes for Valentine's Day! We've gotten some criticism for this change, but most of our riders have reported back with support and positivity. We are over the moon to have picked up such momentum that we were able to add bikes! However,  we understand the frustration of feeling perhaps more "packed in" than our ride north end- ers are accustomed to. So I wanted to address it for y'all. Small biz should be based upon a 2-way street of communication, after all. 

Yes, there is much less "blank space" in the studio, but blank space is not what studios are for! As a die-hard fitness fan and rider myself, I strive to create an environment that I would love to ride in.  I still have plenty of personal bike space when I take the other chicks' classes! 

We want to bring the heat, and create symbiotic energy. It's contagious! Here is what the addition of bikes means to you, our valued riders and friends:

1. fewer waitlists/ better chances of getting into busy classes

2. the ability for us to add more community rides to the schedule, making rides more accessible to everyone

3. lower prices for year-long, 3 month, and single month memberships, as well as flash sales (check out our new pricing options here).

4. the ability to grow our community to a wider audience

5.  the sultry ride room feels so much more luscious now. the feeling of being surrounded by a room replete with like minded and hard working individuals is unlike anything else. we feed off of eachothers' vibes!


As an independently owned studio in a climate full of big biz, we always have and will continue to strive to bring you guys the best service possible. Thank you for your support; you keep us thriving! 

Thanks for reading <3 m